The company Daniamed has the number of authorization (EGVT-825-A) according to the General Register of enterprises, establishments and tourist professions of the Comunitat Valenciana, in accordance with article 14(3) of the law 3/1998, of 21 May (of course see a current document to see the most recent law) of the Catalan Government, tourism of the region of Valencia.

We recommend to those owners who rent their property, also include it in the register of tourism to promote in this way the quality of our services in the face of the public, thereby ensuring a demand increasingly higher and happier.



Teléfono fijo +34-96 575 53 52, móvil 672116880,



Teléfono: 96 575 53 52, @-mail:

FAX: +34 965 755 344

C/ Riu Palancia nº7 - Km 12.5 Las Marinas

03700 Denia - Alicante

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