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NIE number and NIF Numbers

On arriving in Spain, one of the things that we recommend you to do on the first place is to apply for the "Foreigner's tax Identification Number - NIE". You will need it for buying a house and also other things like registering with a doctor, getting a job, buying a car, etc. 

The Decree (Real Decreto 338-1990) of 9th March, establishes that everyone foreigner, who has any kind of business or do any kind of transaction in Spain, have to get first a NIE number to verify them on all official documentation.

Applaying for your NIE

Applications are to be made in person at your nearest Policia Nacional (National Police) with an Extranjeria (Foreign Office). The address of National Police in Denia City is: Avenida Marquesado, nº46. The application form is simple to fill in. You will get an application form in the Police Office.


In order to fill it in, here is a translation of the required fields:

1. Datos Personales or Personal Detail


- 1er Apellido: Surname

- 2º Apellido: Second Surname - not applicable to most people, in which case leave blank

- Nombre: Forename (make sure to use same as in passport)

- Fecha de nacimiento: Date of birth (use two digits for day and month)

- Lugar de nacimiento: Place of birth

- Sexo: Gender - for Male (hombre) and - Female (mujer). X cross the one applicable

- Estado civil: Status. S for single C for married. V for widow and D for divorced

- País de nacimiento: Country of Birth

- País de nacionalidad: Nationality

- Nombre del padre: Father's name

- Nombre de la madre: Mother's name

- Domicilio en España: Address in Spain

- Localidad: Town, CP: Postcode, Provincia: Province

2. Section II

Reasons for application:

Economic, Professional or Social (Tick professional for work reasons or social for house purchase)

3. Domicilio a efectos de notificaciones

Leave white

Sign the form at the bottom, under "firma de solicitante".

Together with the full filled form, you must also present a photocopy of it, your empadron, original and photocopy, two passport photographs, your passport and a photocopy of your passport. You don't need an appointment, just join the queue. Depending on where you live, decides where you will need to go to apply and the timetable varies from office to office. The best way to find out where is the National Police you must go, is asking your estate agent.




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